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Solar Street Light | Solar Lamps in Flowery Branch, GA

Cost-Effective Solar Lamps in Flowery Branch, GA

Save money while safeguarding your house with cost-effective solar lamps in Flowery Branch, GA, from The Peach Glow LLLP. The solar street lights we sell are designed to bathe your home and the area around it in light. Installation of this type of lighting helps make your neighborhood safer, and it gives your house a distinctive look.

Image of LED Solar Lights

Complementary Styles

Different lighting styles are available, or we can custom design a light based on your requests. You can also choose from finishes that include bronze, light gray, black, white, or other selection of colors to match your surroundings to complement the color of your home. Other colors may be available based on what the manufacturer has in stock.

Powerful Lumens

Each light's waterproof solar panel is 12.5W/18 V to 82W/28V light come with lumens of brightness ranging from 2,000 to 18,000, so you can choose a light that provides the amount of illumination you want. Also, your choice of remotely controlling your solar lamps. Additionally, lights have a duration from 3 to 10 days, meaning they can operate without any sun exposure for these lengths of time.


Mount your street light on a pole that makes it distinctive and visible. Our selection of light poles ranges from 8 feet to 30 feet in height. Choose from aluminum, fiberglass, and steel poles that enhance your property and add to its existing curb appeal.

Affordable Prices

Our solar lamp lights are competitively priced, and cost will depend on your selection. You can combine your solar lamp with a choice from steel, aluminum, or fiberglass pole. The prices of the poles vary with the height and design of your selections. There are choices if you're on a strict budget. Payment plans are available.